Box is Back!
31/8/12 - 4:33

Our wheelyboard friends accross the pond Happybox, a few of whom you may recognise from the previous blog post, just relaunched their fresh new website and they’re posting awesome footage again!

Make sure you check out their new stuff and go through their back catalogue. It’s the closest you’ll probably get to an American style ZSK footage selection. Or maybe we’re a British Happybox? The mind boggles.


ZSK and The Happybox Family
12/7/12 - 11:08

Zulu Skate Krew and Happybox hangin' out.

Clockwise from top left: Alex Gocke, Josh Mayers, Ben Sullivan, Enzo, Matt Thomas, Charlie Wilson, Christian Browne, Tom Rendell

Last weekend two guys from the Cali-based Happybox Family came down to sunny (pah) ol’ England to skate and chillax. We ended up meeting and hit a few London spots as well as Mile End skatepark, and got a few clips, so hopefully you’ll be seeing those soon.

There’s talk of other secretive shit that I can’t drop you guys juuuuust yet, but you’ll find out in due time if it goes down.

HBF are a bunch of super cool guys, with some awesome wheelyboard skills, that you can check out in detail by clicking here.

I’m Charlie Wilson. You stay classy, San Diego.

Walk this way
25/4/12 - 9:18

Yep, what you’re looking at right now is the first prototype of the ZSKFAM shirts!

I’m hoping to get more of these in when the money for bulk printing gets together, which in all honesty, shouldn’t take very long. I’ll keep you posted on the blog, but for now, take this as proof that yes, the shirts are coming!

Stay shradical,

I’d like you all to welcome…
19/4/12 - 3:14

…Kiefer Passey to the iPhone/Instagram hype.

Aye, there’s posh!
10/4/12 - 9:47

Just realised I hadn’t actually done a proper blog post about the new site!

As you can probably tell, the ZSK blog has undergone a redesign to better fit it’s new place: the blog for There’s a whole host of cool sheisse to check out, so move yo’ ass over to the 'What's New?' page for the full lowdown.

Much love, and news about awesome merch soon.

- Wilson


1/3/12 - 11:30

T-shirts coming soon!

20/2/12 - 9:08

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